Coles Carbide Corporation
7514 Meany Ave. • Bakersfield, CA 93308 • USA

Coles Carbide Corporation has been in business for over 30 years

We are here for the long run, providing you with a reliable supplier

We provide high quality carbide and ceramic balls, seats, and components

Coles Carbide can meet your needs with a variety of materials and geometries

Precision machining on hard materials is our only focus and we specialize in quick turnaround

Quality products to your door - in days not weeks

Coles Carbide maintains the largest inventory of balls and seats in the subsurface pump industry

Because we ship 94% of our orders the same day we receive them we allow our customers to optimize inventory costs

We continuously review our suppliers to insure we maintain a qualified and reliable supply chain

Coles Carbide Corporation customers know they will be assured of an un-interrupted supply of competitively priced parts

Coles Carbide offers custom packaging, labeling, packing slips, and invoice documents to suit our client's individual needs

Clients save money by having us drop ship to their customers through a system that is essentially invisible to such customers - all business is conducted in strict confidence and we protect our client's proprietary interests

Our employees are compensated based on production of acceptable quality parts and participate in profit sharing

Our clients benefit from this customer focus knowing that the entire Coles Carbide team is working to maximize customer satisfaction